Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekly Reader

Here's what I've been reading about this week:

More discussion on Mark Donnelly singing the anthem at an anti-choice rally.

The "New Abortion Caravan" is making its way across the country, gory fetus pics and all - to the horror of original Abortion Caravan activist Margo Dunn. Stephanie Grey is ridiculous as usual. More to come!

Linda Gibbons failed to make a compelling case as to why she should be allowed to harass women trying to access abortions in Toronto, and lost her appeal to the Supreme Court - which got a surprising amount of coverage. Maybe she will go to jail!

Oh and debate on Motion 312 has been deferred to September 18. Word on the street is that Harper is coming down pretty hard on the Tories to vote against it.

What have you been reading about?

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