Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer Hiatus

Hi everyone! I know my posting has been light-to-nonexistent lately. The truth is it has been pretty slow for abortion-related news in Canada in the last few weeks; I can't even cobble together enough material for the weekly reader.

Because of the lull in news (not always a bad thing!), my burnout with abortion (which happens from time to time since I write here and at Abortion Gang), what I'm sure is going to be a busy and eventful autumn, and the fact that I am planning a wedding (oh yeah, that old thing) - I am taking a hiatus from Anti-Choice is Anti-Awesome.

I will be posting lightly from time to time but it will be sporadic, and I will return in full force once the wedding is over, in October. Until then, look out for my stuff on Abortion Gang, and if you're into books I also post a review every fortnight at Smoke City Stories. You can reach me by email at pedgehog [at] gmail [dot] com.

Stay safe!