Thursday, August 19, 2010

Re-Introductions and a Somewhat Weekly Reader

Hello friends. I am back! In your lives, that is.

I know I haven't posted for three weeks. But in those three weeks, I moved to Toronto, unpacked our stuff and set up the apartment, found a part-time job (possibly two!), sent many postcards, cooked many meals, reconnected with old and dear friends, went on a wine tour in Niagara, and ate an awful lot of sushi. So I think you'll agree that I didn't have a lot of time to blog.

My life in Toronto is still in the settling in stage. I am in training at my job at the Morgentaler Clinic here, where I am doing intake. They don't have protesters (there's an injunction), which makes coming to work a lot more pleasant. The job is part-time and it's not nearly as involved, activism-wise, as my job in Fredericton. There will not be a lot of blogging material there, friends. So I am going to have to go in a slightly different direction with the blog. But that's ok. It will still be Canadian content, and it will still be about reproductive justice, and it will still be based on my own personal thoughts and experiences. I'm still hammering out the details but I feel pretty good about what is to come.

In the meantime, here are some of the stories I missed blogging about. Headlines only this week, sorry (caution: some of these articles are from LifeSite, and the National Post which is just as bad):

Pro-life group on cross-Canada trek

UFPC takes on some of my trolls

Mary Wagner jailed for abortion protest

Lots of information and opinions on that awful Linda Gibbons

Most Canadians unfamiliar with abortion laws

Deception used in counselling women against abortion

Kopp won't face justice in Canada

David Little's charges have been dropped

CPCs plague Canada, too

No plan to regulate Ontario's CPCs

I will be talking to you all soon, and much more frequently, I promise!