Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mid-Week Reader

Ok gang, this election is getting outta control!! The abortion news is just flying around so I thought I'd do another reader so y'all can stay informed for the vote on Monday.

Here's what's happening:

Tories play politics with women's health

Saskatchewan will not change abortion policies

The Globe goes behind Harper's reluctance to revisit the abortion issue

Harper declares that all abortion legislation will be defeated under his watch

Anti-abortion movement "too cozy" with the Conservative government, says ARCC

The abortion controversy is heating up in Saskatoon-Humboldt

Pro-choice groups warn against a Harper majority

If you feel like being frustrated by your fellow Canadians, vote in this poll!

Jack Layton wades into the abortion debate

Friday, April 22, 2011

Weekly Reader

So, a lot has happened since my last "weekly" reader. Get ready for an avalanche of links!

First, I have written three pieces for Abortion Gang:

Here are some stories that have been happening:

A study disproving the link between abortion and mental health issues

Showdown between pro-choice and anti-choice groups in Montreal

Elizabeth May claims her anti-abortion stance has been "misinterpreted"

Pro-lifers need to drop the genocide comparison

James Moore's student column on abortion

International Planned Parenthood Federation is struggling to work around the Conservative government's policies

So the big news in abortion around the upcoming Canadian election is the "defunding" of the IPPF because of its provision of abortion services. Some Conservative backbencher (who is probably going to lose his idiot job) has let it slip that the government that supposedly doesn't want to touch the abortion issue is just doing it through the back door. Some articles on this:

Planned Parenthood funding pulled

Brad Trost claims he killed funding for Planned Parenthood

Anti-abortion group shaped Tory funding policy on Planned Parenthood

Tories in damage control over abortion funding

Harper says he won't reopen abortion debate

Tories scramble to head off brewing controversy around abortion

Abortion and hidden agendas

Tories scramble to douse abortion fire

Tories leave Planned Parenthood in limbo over funding

Tories won't push to reignite abortion debate

Giving birth to an abortion controversy

Stay tuned for more on this - hopefully it's an issue that will continue to dog the pragmatic Stephen Harper until he is forced to address it.