Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Steeling Ourselves for the "New Abortion Caravan"

So, as you may know, there is a group of people currently travelling across the country as part of what they call "the new abortion caravan", which is nothing more than a glorified GAP van trying to co-opt the history of grassroots feminist struggles.

If you are looking to protest/counter-rally against the caravan's presence in your town, the CAW has put together a very helpful list of organized counter-protests and contact information so you can get in touch and lend your support. The list is here and it covers Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, Sudbury, Brampton, London, Toronto, and Ottawa (if you have links to the event pages of any of these protests, send 'em my way!).

ARCC has put together some helpful tips (check them out!) on how to respond and what to include in your counter-protests. The grassroots responses to the caravan so far have focused on creativity and engaging/informing passersby about safe access to abortion, Motion 312, and healthy sexuality as a counterpoint to the gory and shaming images coming from the caravan.

Please join in the counter-protest in your city if you are able; let's not let these judgmental assholes roll unquestioned through town. I will be at the counter-protest in Toronto on June 28; I hope to see some of you there!

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