Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Familiar Faces

So it's been pretty slow here at the ol' blog, since last week I was in Ottawa and didn't get to experience the joy of another clinic day here in Fredericton. Sigh. I hear that nothing much happened, although one of my escorts tells me that at some point there was a guy with a light sabre arguing with the protesters. A light sabre! That should get the point across (?).

This week I was inside, filling in on reception. I spent a lot of time watching what was going on outside though, and was pleased to note that Glare-y Mary spent a lot of time glaring. She is so awesome. It should also be noted that Peter Ryan was out protesting today, which is a rare occurrence (at least since I've been at the clinic). It looked like only God Boy was out today and not his little friends - very uplifting. SL thinks he looks like he doesn't want to be there, but knowing God Boy, I could see how he would enjoy it.

We had a couple criers, which is always sucky, because it puts other people on edge. Although it wasn't too bad today. People just get really freaked out by the protesters so that by the time they get inside, they're really worked up. It sucks. No one should have to feel that way about a personal decision.

I did have a surprise on reception - a girl that I knew. Not someone I know well, just someone I went to school with. I wasn't prepared because she has a different last name now, so when she came in it was all "oh. Oh. Hello." ie my normal awkwardness in situations I'm not prepared for (you should hear the messages I leave on answering machines). It was fine though, either she didn't remember/recognize me or she's just not as awkward as me (very likely), but she didn't seem to care. It's not so much that I care that people I know are having abortions (if I thought less of people for that, I obviously wouldn't be doing what I do), it's just that you never know what someone in that situation is going through and how they're going to react to seeing someone they know. There are some women that want to wait in a separate waiting room (riiiiiight) and don't want anyone to talk to them. Then there are others who don't care who knows it. So you never know.

Anyway, next week I think I will be back on the front lines, so I'll probably have more interesting stories. Yay.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Madness of Glarey Mary

This week I was inside on reception, so I didn't get to see a lot of the fun goings on outside that I love so much. There were a looooot of protesters, or maybe it just seems like more from the inside.

We did discover the true madness of Glarey Mary though. SL, the clinic manager, went outside to stand with EO as she was all alone. Glarey Mary was doing her usual routine of walking back and forth and stopping to glare. She's like a horrible school teacher really, because if you talk too loudly, or laugh, she has an extra long glare at you. Anyway she seemed especially disappointed with SL's behaviour, because she shadowed her, walking wherever she walked and glaring all the way. SL even came in to put sunglasses on so she would look "more intimidating". Sometimes we have fun with them, because it's the only way to cope.

God Boy had friends today - there were three little kids protesting. That makes me really sad. Since when is it acceptable to parade your kids around as a billboard for your cause? Or to use them to make other women feel guilty about a personal choice? I've seen these pictures of other abortion clinic protests where women push babies in strollers, and the strollers have signs taped to them ("Thanks Mom - For Life!"). I mean come on, the baby can't even hold the damn sign!! It's just wrong. I know that God Boy is a smart kid and I'm really hoping that one day he comes to the same realization his sisters did and gets the hell out of there.

Not too much to report other than that. I don't know if I'll be blogging next week, as I won't be at the clinic on Tuesday - I'll be on my way back from the Ottawa Folk Festival!! Maybe I'll blog that instead, ha ha.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Nothing Much

No clinic yesterday. I went to the clinic anyway to do some work for SL, and was delighted to see the protesters there as well, protesting their little hearts out. Such dedication! Who cares if no one is having abortions? Let's try to talk them out of it anyway. Good times.

So obviously there isn't much to write about. I just wanted to also mention that I saw Father Grim driving later in the day, and you'll all be pleased to know that he has a "Choose Life" license plate frame, a dashboard crucifix, and enjoys eating ice cream while driving (although strangely he still looked rather grim). It made my night.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Pants and....yeah, that's it.

Yesterday's clinic wasn't too interesting, which might be why I put off blogging about it until today. Oh well. I brought my boyfriend, EN, along for his first shift as an escort. It was a good day for a first shift, since a lot of the regular protesters were there. Father Grim looks like he might be on the brink of another breakdown if you ask me - today he said something (I don't know what) to one of the patients and he has been looking angry and exasperated lately. I hope he catches it himself before he freaks out again.

One of the patients came out to have a smoke and we started chatting with her. She was really funny and friendly, and she had the greatest pants I've ever seen. They looked SO COMFORTABLE. I think she might have bought them outside of Canada though, so that sucks. I would love a pair of those pants.

Crazy Legs was in top form today. I love how when she comes out, she attempts to hold a sign for a few minutes, but then always gives up and hands it to someone else. She just can't stand still long enough for that. Glare-y Mary was back again, so it looks like she might become a regular feature. She likes to take a few steps, then stop and glare at us or at the clinic, then repeat. It's like a silly walk. She doesn't try to sway the patients by talking to them, the way Crazy Legs and the Holy Ghost do; she just glares at them.

No Sad Suzie today. I miss her big ol' exploded fetus sign. And that guy in the car never came back with the Supreme Court decision. I hope things pick up a bit next week!