Thursday, August 27, 2009

Engaging in Madness

Oh, where to start. I wish I had blogged right away, because the escorts were telling me all these different things, and I know I'm going to forget some of them.

The protesters didn't look any different than usual from inside (except an exceptionally bloody Jesus on the cross they were waving in our direction), but I guess the crazy was being poured on hot and thick out there. One of them was offering to adopt every patient's child. Tempting offer, right ladies? That's all you were waiting for - some over-zealous weirdo holding a sign to offer to take the kid off your hands, yes?

Another protester was telling the escorts that we force people into the clinic all the time. She vividly recalled seeing one woman, "obviously drugged", being dragged in here by two large men. Uh-huh. It's funny what you can talk yourself into believing, isn't it? I wonder, if we force people to come in all the time (clearly illegal!), why don't they call the police and let them know?

Sometimes it can be hard for the volunteers not to engage, especially when the protesters talk directly to them. AD, to her credit, when one of them (I think it was Lady in Red) approached to argue some ridiculous thing, told her that she wasn't going to listen to her illogical arguments and that she wasn't supposed to engage with her anyway. Later the protester may have been wiping away a tear...see AD, she just wanted to be your bud.

And of course the "arguments" they spew are always some crap about "what if your mom aborted you?", etc. Sometimes the ones who think they are on our side are even worse, though - there was a passerby who started yelling at the protesters, telling them to get jobs and so on, but then he said something along the lines of "do you really want there to be no abortions? Do you really want babies being born to these crackheads and losers?". SIGH.

See, I'm sure there's lots of things that I'm missing. Leave your stories in comments, escorts. Also, since it turns out Glare-y Mary and Lady in Red are the same person, make sure to let me know (in the poll) which nickname you prefer.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Who Jesus Loves

I didn't blog last week. I don't even have an excuse, I've just been too hot. I've mostly been surviving on popsicles and the fact that the clinic is air-conditioned. I would sleep here if there were popsicles.

So I missed a classic opportunity to shamelessly self-promote, but here it is: go check out the piece I wrote for Feminists For Choice.

Also, while I'm dishing out the news, I hope you've all seen this. It seems the province of New Brunswick, in perhaps the only good decision they've ever made about anything, are not going to appeal the decision to give Dr. Morgentaler standing to sue. So, on to the trial (at some point). Discuss.

Clinic the last two weeks has been as interesting as ever. This week one of the protesters was taking pictures of the escorts, so look for some familiar faces on the cover of Evil Baby-Killers Monthly. Last week Lady in Red asked a couple escorts if they had ever seen pictures of "aborted babies" on the internet. To which EN replied that yes, they sure do have a lot of crazy things on that internet.

This week there was a lot of reassuring us that Jesus loves us. One of them told TO this as she was leaving, to which she replied that yes, she knew, being a Catholic. Well, you know that confuses them. When they tried to tell AD that Jesus loves her, she replied with what they described as an "evil cackle". Excellent. I seem to be the only one Jesus doesn't love, however. As I was unlocking my bike to leave, I heard Monochrome tell a departing couple that Jesus loved them. But when I rode by her (slowly) a couple seconds later, she just glared. I guess the big guy in the sky finally gave up on me, which is kind of a relief.

It's that time of year when things switch over - I have a couple escorts leaving, a couple returning. I guess I should enjoy this horrific, sweltering weather while I can, since soon it will be time to start complaining about the cold again.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sticky Times

Ok friends, the weather is finally taking a turn for the INCREDIBLY HOT AND STICKY. But sometimes it's lovely. Tuesday's clinic was fine, all our favourites were out in full force. Just in time to greet my partner, EN, who just got back from a sojourn to the south and is volunteering until school starts again. When the two of us arrived at the clinic at around 7:15am we were greeted by the sight of the Lady in Red. Perhaps her fake baby had trouble sleeping, because it was out there with her with the usual sign around its neck.

Heavens. Not TOO much madness, although one of the protesters did ask an escort what happens to the "babies" after the abortion. He replied that it doesn't matter, or something like that. And then the protester came up later and asked WHY it didn't matter, at which point the "do not engage" rule conveniently kicked in. Seriously, do these people really think the volunteers want to have a discussion with them about abortion? Could that really end well? For those who want to know, and to satisfy our next-door neighbours' curiousity (and to keep them out of our dumpster), medical waste is disposed of by professionals. It is taken away from our clinic by said professionals and most likely incinerated at a facility specifically designed for such. Please feel free to draw ridiculous parallels to the Holocaust (there, I Godwinned for you, so you don't have to).

We've started a few new volunteers lately, which is excellent. We are drawing upon the beginning of the school year, when the inevitable switch-over happens and a bunch of people leave, while a bunch more people return. Excitement is in the air.

Still working on my guest post for Feminists for Choice - I promise I haven't forgotten. I'm also halfway through an article for the ARCC newsletter; just one of those months when I pile up stuff to do and then buy a Harry Potter videogame and ignore my responsibilities. Overwhelmed as usual.

On a happier note, buy some buttons!