Friday, June 1, 2012

Ain't no Sunshine

Apologies for my absence! I have been out of town the last three weekends because I am very rich and popular. I have also had a lot of stressful situations in my life that I'm sure I will blog to you all AT LENGTH, so prepare yourselves! I will also have a jumbo weekly reader this weekend. OMG.

Right now I just want to tell you about something that happened a couple weeks ago. I got an email from someone at the Sun "News" Network asking me to come on Michael Coren's show, The Arena, for a ten minute debate with him about whether there is a War on Women in Canada, and whether the abortion debate should be re-opened.

At first I thought I might take them up on it, because a. I like being on TV, and b. I could knock this out of the park. I watched some YouTube clips of Coren's show (I had never heard of him before and I was delighted to find out we don't even get Sun on our TV) and found him to be like some kind of right-wing Keith Olbermann - insufferably smug, contemptuous of his guests, and so far up himself he can probably see out his belly button. I can only imagine he is able to get people to pay attention to him because of his British accent.

Still, if the show was on any other network I might have considered it. I talked it over with a couple people though, and came to the conclusion that Sun just doesn't have a reachable audience. I would be on that show to be ridiculed and shouted down; even though I can handle it, there's not much point to go spout talking points to an audience who will never be convinced. No one watches the Colbert Report to make up their mind about something; we want to see stupid people be ridiculed. I'll happily be ridiculed if I think there's some hope of reaching people, but I've seen Sun TV. Smart people aren't watching that shit.

So I turned it down. And now I'm wondering if someone else took them up on the offer, and how they did. It was supposed to air last night, but as I said, I don't get Sun TV anymore so I couldn't watch it. I've been looking for it on the internet in vain. Anyway let me know if you come across it, because I'd love to see how they approached it.

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