Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Weekly Reader

Alright, here it is, all the things I've been reading since the last time I put one of these up. It's a lot of things!

First, some coverage of the March for Life from Canada.com, Metro, Xtra, and the New Brunswick one was on CBC!

Some further thoughts on Motion 312 from Joyce Arthur, Not Guilty (at Abortion Gang), and this MP who submitted pro-choice and anti-choice petitions. Also here's these cool folks. The vote is coming up!

Also don't worry, a lot of men still think you ladies should keep your legs closed! Maurice Vellacott believes it is possible to bully a fetus; Mike Murphy (who has been on my douchebag radar for a long time) would have a free vote on abortion; and Mark Donnelly sang the national anthem at an anti-abortion rally.

And in general:

Counter-protesting the "new abortion caravan".

The social conservative stronghold in Alberta may be weakening.

Canada's teen birth and abortion rate drops.

Why sex-selective abortion is not a "gotcha!" for feminists.

What have you all been reading?

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