Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Someone Bold, Someone New, Someone Sexy Dressed in Blue

This morning was full of excitement. Even though there weren't as many protesters as usual (no Crazy Legs or Sad Suzie), a lot of stuff happened to keep things interesting.

There was a new protester this week. She is an older woman, short, with white hair. She's basically another Holy Ghost, because she doesn't carry a sign and she just walks back and forth - in fact when the Holy Ghost showed up the two of them walked around together. The new woman carried a rosary and a little statue of Mary. She glares a lot. I need a nickname for her - any suggestions?

A car slowed down and the driver started yelling at the protesters - it might have been the "my intelligent friend" guy from a few weeks back. He was talking about women's rights and such, and the two young guys, the Anger Twins, were telling him they would pray for him. He told them he would be back next week to bring them the Supreme Court decision of 1988 for them to read, and they said they would as long as he read some of their literature. The best part was after he left, when one Anger Twin turned to the other and said "Why would he think we care about what the Supreme Court has to say?" It made me want to beat my head against the wall.

A woman walking by stopped to tell us how frustrated the protesters made her every morning, and how she wanted to tell them to go eff themselves. So I told her if she wanted to, we weren't going to stop her. She was funny.

One of our escorts, AD, came in a superhero costume of her own design. We decided her super power would be separating church and state.

A couple of lovely women who were there with their daughters came out to have a smoke and chatted with us for a while. They were very good-natured and couldn't give a toss about the protesters.

The best event of the morning was when the police showed up. They pulled into the back and I went out to meet them; I was a bit confused since I hadn't called them for anything and SL and JB didn't tell me they were coming. It turned out they were just checking things out, making sure it was ok. They stayed out back for a while, because the main cop was hitting on LS - he even gave her his card. Then they came out front. They sat in their car and watched the protesters for a while, then got out and asked the little boy (we'll just call him God Boy) if his mother was there. She was (protesting of course), and they went to talk to her for a while. Then they went and talked to Peter Ryan, and the cop was writing stuff in his notepad. Then they left. Afterwards Peter had the protesters all gather around and he talked to them for a while. Exciting stuff.

It rained, and the protesters went inside. I'm still sad about God Boy being there. He had a rosary today, and a sign that said "Thanks Mom - For Life!". Every time I looked over at him he was praying. I just want to hug him and take him away somewhere less...crazy. Poor kid.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Small World

This morning was pretty normal. Nothing out of the ordinary. Apparently a gentleman walking by got so mad at the protesters that he dropped his coffee in frustration - he later emailed the clinic manager to let her know and to commend us for the job we do. That's always nice.

We thought Crazy Legs wouldn't be out today, but she did make it. She was in top form, wearing one of her best silly little vests and approaching people left right and centre. She promised one woman $900 a month to keep her baby. I have no idea where she thinks that money would come from. If I could get $900 a month, I'd get pregnant right now. That's more than I make working two jobs.

I had a weird experience today; the first time since I've been an escort that I've escorted in someone I knew. I was prepared, as I'd seen her name on the appointment list, so that was good. And it isn't someone that I know particularly well or that I even think would recognize me, so it wasn't awkward or anything. It's just one of those things that's bound to happen, I guess. And I really couldn't care less - obviously I am ok with abortion - but I feel bad for whoever it is, because that sucks. There is such stigma with abortion, most people would really prefer to remain as anonymous as possible. And in a city like this you're obviously likely to see someone you know, and they're likely to tell people they saw you. So it sucks.

I guess I'm pretty awkward about social situations anyway. I never know how one should react to seeing a casual acquaintance in public - I will smile and say hello, but sometimes people want to talk and then sometimes they really don't. And then you add in the fact that they are coming to have an abortion and it's just...weird. Because I really don't think it's that big a deal, but I know that for some people it can be really traumatic, especially with the protesters and everything. So it's a strange situation.

Honestly though, I think it's cool that I saw this person. Because she's always struck me as a strong, smart, funny person and it's one of those "it can happen to anyone" type of things. Which is good to know and good for other people to know, because even pro-choicers make assumptions. We never really know what kinds of bias we have until we suddenly run right into it.

Oh, another small world story - JF came up the steps while I was chatting with the clinic manager, to tell us that the protesters had a kid out there. I checked to see, and it turned out to be a kid I knew; a friend's little brother (he comes from a very Catholic family). That made me sad, although not surprised. I hope he doesn't become a regular.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Judgement for Breakfast

So much for blogging on Tuesdays, eh? Oh well. This week nothing much happened at the clinic. We ended a bit early so the late shift knocked off early. We must have confused the crap out of the protesters, because we all sat around on the steps without our pinneys for a while before taking off for breakfast. Poor Holy Ghost got out too late to creep out any patients. And Sad Suzie, Crazy Legs and Father Grim weren't there at all! Where are they??

So I noticed something today that I find a little ridiculous. I have often contended that the protesters' sole purpose in being out there is to judge and condemn women for their choice. I am certain that the protesters would argue that they are trying to show the women the truth, and to help them make informed choices by luring them into their Welcome House. However, I noticed today that the Welcome House didn't actually open until nine. And I find that the men (who are there early) tend to just wave their signs and sometimes say things like "this is what you're destroying", etc. But the women, who come later, often say "we can help you" and try to lure women into their house. So....could it be that the men are there to judge, and the women really do think they are helping? Or could it be that they're all there to judge, and once the Welcome House opens they can pretend they are helping, as well? It's just funny that before the Welcome House opens, there's only judging going on.

Shout out to everyone who walked by and smiled/said good morning, everyone who drives by in their car and gives us the thumbs up or the protesters the finger, and this week in particular, kudos to the guy on the bicycle who told the protesters to go home. It takes guts to tell someone off while you're on a bike.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

An Old Friend Returns

Father Grim is back! And he's multiplying...there was another priest out protesting this morning. Priests on the attack! Fun for everyone.

The Tenor was there this week as well, although he didn't sing for us. He has a cool t-shirt that he wears - it says "Endangered Species" and has all these pictures of endangered species, and then a picture of a baby. Riiiiiight. On the back is a bible quote, and it says GOD in big red letters underneath it, just so there's no mistaking who said it. So cool.

The women weren't out this week - only the Holy Ghost. Where are Crazy Legs and Sad Suzie (formerly known as Fetus Lady)?? I miss them so. Mad Thad called us Satan's servants, that was nice. Plenty of praying. JB made delicious muffins. All in all, a good time.

When there were still three patients left to come, all the protesters went inside. That was very unusual, as they generally stay until after we go in, presumably to accost women coming out. Anyway, we were sure they were plotting something, but no - they never came back out again. Very strange. Perhaps there was some sort of crisis in the Welcome House. I wish they would comment on my blog more often and let us know! :)

Things are a bit crazy for me at the moment, so do forgive my lateness in blogging. I should be all done the craziness by this weekend so expect to see the blogs up on Tuesdays from now on!