Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Rally of Awesome

So I just have to say how inspiring it was to see so many people come to the Heather Mallick talk tonight. Sometimes it can be a bit depressing, living in New Brunswick and being intelligent. You get lonely. So it's very uplifting to see that there are others like me in this province, and that they're energetic and motivated.

Heather Mallick gave a great talk and the other panelists were fantastic as well. I really hope that everyone is now going to write to the paper - because I know that I am. (Suprise, ha ha). Also, L told me that she got tons of email addresses of people interested in being volunteer escorts. So great!

I really feel quite enthusiastic about this - I think that there's enough support in this province that we can actually change these policies and yank New Brunswick out of the black hole of the 1950s it seems to be stuck in.

Adeste Fideles. Bona Fortuna!


Anonymous said...

Write to the paper

The Pedgehog said...

Oh my god I can't believe I wrote "right" instead of "write". Especially in a post about how intelligent I am, ha ha. I just hope my proofreading skills improve before I WRITE to the paper! :)