Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Yelling Day at the Clinic

So much for thinking I wouldn't be standing out in the cold again for a while. Damn you snow!!

This morning I was back on the early shift. There were a lot of protesters - they just seem to keep multiplying! When I first started it was mostly middle-aged men but these days there are two young guys and a young woman. I don't know where (or how) they do their recruiting but it must be working.

It wasn't too eventful today. Me and T started out front, and the "moron" guy drove by quite early. He's this guy who drives by almost every week and shouts "You guys are morons!" at the protesters. When E showed up I went out back with her. None of the protesters were shouting or anything so that was good. However, we could hear yelling coming from out front so I went out to see what was up. I asked A and T where the yelling was coming from but they didn't know.

Later, the four of us switched places and the yelling started again. I couldn't hear what the guy was saying. I walked down the street and found that next door to the Mother and Child Welcome Centre (the anti-choice propaganda factory right next to the clinic), there was a house divided into apartments. Well, there was a guy shouting from the window of one of the apartments. He was shouting at the protesters. I made out a couple things that he was saying, including "we all went out and multiplied, now it's time to take some fucking responsibility!" and "I'm losing my voice yelling at you assholes!". So that was pretty funny. It certainly made a cold, snowy shift more enjoyable.

In other news, I got a biography of Dr. Morgentaler out of the library so I'm excited to read that. There were only six or seven books on abortion in the public library, and a couple of them were just "so you're thinking of aborting" type books. Maybe the school library will have some more. I want to have a more informed opinion on this as well as to be able to argue my side more effectively.

If anyone ever feels like buying the escorts some hot chocolate, we would really appreciate it. But not as much as we appreciate people who come and yell at the protesters, because it's fun to live vicariously through them.

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