Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Hail and Bubbles, Part One

Well I'm sorry I ever complained before about shitty weather for standing outside, because today was the worst. Cold, freezing rain, slush - that's what I just love to see (and stand in) at 7:30 in the morning. Of course I wore my sneakers instead of boots, because I am an idiot. Also the longest pair of pants I have, which were immediately soaked to the knee. At least on my way out the door, Mum reminded me to bring an umbrella.

We had a bit of an escort shortage today, which meant we had to split up so that one person was always standing on their own (usually in the front, since most of the escorting happens out back). It also meant that me and N had to stay a little later because the people on the second shift were delayed because of the weather. What a crappy day. A lot of the women coming in told me that it was nicer in Moncton, PEI, etc. - so at least their driving wasn't as bad as it could have been. Still, I had to walk a couple people back through the slush to their cars as they had parked in the school parking lot and would probably be ticketed - and they were pretty cranky about that. Hey, at least I shared my umbrella.

Just one incident worth remarking upon today. N and I were out back, and a patient (herein known as Patient) and her mother (herein known as PM) came outside to wait for a ride and have a smoke. The doctor had just arrived so I was surprised to see that they were out already. However, none of my business, so we just made small talk while we waited. The crazy protesters (ie the women) had just arrived though, and once they saw us out back with a young woman who had obviously been crying, one of the crazies (Rosary Lady) started saying, very loudly, "You don't have to do this," and such forth. Well, PM very snarkily replied "We're not." Rosary Lady then tried to get them to go next door to the "Mother Child Welcome Centre" but PM told her, in an unimpressed tone, that they had already been. That was when their ride showed up. Before they got in the car, PM turned to me and said, in an explanatory way (as if she owed me an explanation!) that Patient was too far along in her pregnancy and that's why they hadn't been able to get an abortion.

It was a strange experience. First of all it was the closest I've ever come to crying at this job, and secondly I think it's the maddest I've ever been at a protester. She should have stopped her bullshit when she heard that they weren't going through with it. She's not having the abortion - what more do you want? Do you have to try to brainwash her as well? Also I found it strange that the mother felt she had to tell me why they weren't having it. As if I was going to judge the patient for not going through with it! I guess when abortion is treated the way it is in this province, and having to walk through a bunch of crazy fundamentalists yelling at you on your way into the clinic, it's natural to think everyone is judging you - the protesters for "killing your baby", and the clinic staff for not having the guts to go through with it. It is so disgusting how we make women feel like bad people just for making one decision or the other in a difficult situation.

There were two camera crews at the clinic today - one doing a story on stem cell research (I have no idea why they were at the clinic for that, except to film the crazies, who are undoubtably against it), and the other doing a story on abortion and specifically the recent discussions on the bubble law. I am so excited that they are talking about that. (I will blog about it more in-depth later). Anyway check out the CBC news tonight for some footage of crazies being crazy. I like that they did this today because the crazies were all wearing matching yellow rainsuits.

This is a long post and I have a couple more things to discuss, so I will continue it later.

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