Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Free Speech My Ass

So there was more in the Daily Gleaner today about the bubble zone legislation. The Gleaner decided to let Peter Ryan, head of the local Right to Life group, tell everyone what he thinks about it. Apparently the law would hamper his right to "freedom of speech". What about the women's right to access medical treatment without being verbally abused and harassed? I wish the Gleaner would make more of an attempt to get both sides of this. There was a brief statement from J, but that was all. Plus, I have written two letters to the editor on the subject and neither has been published. I wrote another one today. We'll see what happens.

It's not that I have any illusions as to the Gleaner (all the provincial media, for that matter) and on which side their bread is buttered. I would just love it if they would print every intelligent, articulate pro-choice letter that comes their way. I have a feeling we would be seeing a lot more letters.

Also, Peter Ryan commented on the incident earlier this year, when the police were called to the clinic (this is before I was a volunteer there). He said that all that happened was one of the protesters went to retrieve his hat, which had blown on to the clinic's property. Ha. Actually, the escorts told the guy that they would get his hat (as the protesters aren't allowed on the property), and in response the guy shoved one of the escorts. But of course no one from the Gleaner bothered to get our side of the story.

I am really hoping this bubble zone law doesn't get squashed by the very influential powers who are opposed to it. Even though there are a lot of pro-choice people who are motivated and driven in this province, as evidenced at the Heather Mallick talk, I fear that influence and money will win out, as it always does in New Brunswick.

Speaking of Heather Mallick, she did a great column this week on abortion rights in NB - check it out here.

No clinic this week. I hope the anti-choicers didn't know, and went down at 7am to protest anyway. Mwahahaha. I am reading "Morgentaler: A Difficult Hero" by Catherine Dunphy and I highly recommend it. Morgentaler's next court date here is May 16th. He probably won't come in person but I intend to go anyway, as do a lot of clinic staff and volunteers, to show our support. I am excited for this trial to finally get underway.


Amy O said...

Stupid Irvings

Amy O said...


I was biking today and I rode by the St. Dunstan's graveyard. I was almost past the graveyard when a certain grave caught my eye. It said, "In memory of all the unborn children" and then had a bible verse underneath. What shocked me the most was that there was a picture of hands holding a fetus! I wish I had my camera so I could have taken a picture for you.

Anonymous said...

To be fair I have written more than a few letters over the past year almost universally opposed to Mr Ryan and his organization. Oddly enough it was Mr Ryan's rant on the editorial page complaining about how the media..(the gleaner in particular) was ignoring his organization while promoting Pro Choice that caused me to point out just how well his group plays the media game. I received an unpleasant phone call about that one...
None the less all were published and most with little or no editing. Now I can't speculate on why your have not been published, but as long as they are not overly inflammatory or overly long they will publish them.
I have to be honest and admit that although I find it hard to see many redeeming qualities in Mr. Ryan and his kind I have many concerns about Pro Choice.