Friday, March 2, 2012

We Was Robbed!

Hey so remember how I wrote a couple times about Kandace Hagen and the Active-8 campaign? (Of course you do, you read and memorize all the shit that I write). Well the contest closed on Wednesday and it looks like a last minute post on LifeSite (no I am not linking to that bullshit) pulled it through for Tara - or should I say against Kandace, because none of these assholes give a shit about Tara's cause (which is about intellectual disabilities and is pretty inspiring stuff, just FYI) and were only trying to shut down a young woman's push for better access to HEALTHCARE (abortion is healthcare, you guys!) on PEI. Fuck.

Anyway, the results have not officially been announced yet. It looks like Tara won though, so congratulations, and I'm sorry that your awesome and well-deserved victory had to be tarnished by a bunch of childish spoilsports who used you as a pawn to achieve the questionable political goal of making sure a young activist didn't get $1000. Fuck them, both you (Tara) and Kandace are awesome.

I want to say that I was not bullshitting when I said that if Kandace doesn't win, I will personally raise $1000 to donate to her activist work/the PRRO. As soon as ACIC announces the official winner, I will be in contact with Kandace, and set up a way for you all to make a donation. And there will probably also be some creative way to convince other cool folks to contribute, so put your thinking caps on, because I'm going to need your help (I am not super creative). 

Anyway watch this space, because we are going to get Kandace $1000 and then maybe blow raspberries at PEI Right to Life because some of us (ie me) are not super mature. Hooray!


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that I'm really glad you're going to be organizing this. What could be better than 1000$ going to a good cause? 2000$ dollars going to 2 good causes!

Anonymous said...

check out the announcement made today! not so robbed after all...