Friday, March 9, 2012

Let's Match It!

Hey so, perhaps you are wondering what that little widget was in my previous post. Well folks, as you may have heard, the ACIC did the classy thing and, because the votes were so close, they awarded first place of the Active-8 campaign to Tara and Kandace!

So, I know I said that I would raise the $1000 for PRRO if Kandace did not win the competition, because it was unfairly sabotaged by anti-choice meanies. However, even though she did win, I did get a lot of support and enthusiasm for the idea so I thought, well why not? And now we are going to match Kandace's $1000 prize, and raise $1000 for the PEI Reproductive Rights Organization to continue their fight to bring abortion access to the Island.

If every person who pledge their support of Kandace throws in $1, we will easily reach our goal. And for those of you who missed your chance to support her with a pledge, here's your opportunity!

Please donate what you can, and spread the word through your networks. Let's let PEI know that we are paying attention, and that choice means access.

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