Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekly Reader

Hello my lovelies! It is time for the weekly collection of abortion in the news (and around the interwebs).

First, a Mother's Day post from April Reign.

Some more on the STFU fiasco.

Attending a NAF conference and what it means to be an abortion provider.

More anti-choice controversy, this time at University of Clagary.

A hospital refuses to provide abortion numbers.

Some news from the annual March for Life in Ottawa, and a few things that JJ had to say about it.

More on G8/maternal health stuff: while women's groups and Planned Parenthood get the silent treatment here in Canada, the UN is steering clear of abortion altogether. Apparently Stephen Harper is being praised for his Bush-style approach, and an abortion vote is "inevitable".

Concerned? Here are some ways you can get involved.

And in international news, the struggle for legal abortion continues in Brazil, and the Globe and Mail has a great piece on backroom abortions in Africa.

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