Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Troubles of Pink Hat

Yesterday's clinic was pretty normal. There were only a few protesters out, but they were as aggressive as usual (I'm really just talking about Pink Hat; she is the trouble maker). It was drizzly and miserable, but at least the weather is warming up a little bit.

There is a group of preschoolers that walks by some mornings. Yesterday they went by, all adorable and holding on to their field trip rope, and Pink Hat took it upon herself to inform the escorts that the number of little kids going by was the same number of abortions we did that day. How convenient for her rhetorical needs!

She is still out there with a damaged Jesus. I took this picture out the window so there's a weird reflection, but here she is:

We were talking about maybe buying her a prosthetic limb or something for Jesus. I wonder what happened to him.

So as some of you may be aware, I'm moving away in August. I will no longer be working at the clinic, obvs. So I'm just kind of wondering what will happen in terms of my blog. I want to keep writing it, but I won't have the weekly updates on our neighbours to chronicle. The only alternative I can think of right now is to keep it as a blog about abortion in a more general sense, but the thing is there are already a lot of better blogs on the subject (including a couple that I already contribute to). So, we have a few months - if you have some awesome suggestions, I want to hear them!


S said...

Is she wearing a bathrobe?

Anyways, sucks to hear you're leaving. Best of luck to you though.

Unknown said...

Is is a far limb to go out on that wherever you end up you'll find a clinic (if there is one) and volunteer there? Maybe you'll have new protester adventures (with contributions from whoever takes over for you here so our old favorites aren't forgotten).

Joe said...

Henry Morgentaler has been destroying human beings for 42 years now. He would have destroyed you if called upon to do so.

Have you so little regard for human life, including your own, that you would support the lethal work of this criminal abortionist?

Stout Man said...

C'mon Joe, get with the program. We've been over this time and again. Morgentaler is a Canadian hero.

I also find it interesting that you call him a "criminal abortionist." What crime has he committed? Even back in the bad old days when abortion was illegal, Morgentaler was never convicted. Two juries were unwilling to convict him because they rightly believed that the law was unjust. That is the ultimate expression of civil dissatisfaction with the criminal law. Jury nullification for the win!

freewomansholyinheritance said...

Gee, Joe, which is better? To be killed after you've known pleasure and pain or before? If my mother had asked Henry Morgentaler to abort me, I wouldn't have been aware of it. And, if I had been as aware as I am, now, I would have supported her decision because at least I AM also aware that she's more than the function of her uterus. That she, too, is a human being.