Thursday, April 8, 2010

Brief Update on a No-Protester Clinic

This week's clinic started later than usual, as our doctor couldn't arrive until later. Some of the staff enjoyed a lovely breakfast together before coming to work, and when we got to the clinic there were no protesters. I had a couple escorts come in anyway, but the protesters never showed up so I sent them (the volunteers) home. Successful trickery!

It certainly is lovely to not have the protesters out there. It makes it easier to focus on the patients and to create a comfortable environment for them. I was afraid this clinic would be a little weird because we had a very young teenager coming in, but she was excellent and her grandmother was very sweet. Sometimes when you get people younger than 15 or 16 it can be a bit weird - once we had a patient who was around 12 and the whole atmosphere of the waiting room changed. But I think not having protesters is very helpful in that regard.

I hope you've all been following Abortion Gang! There are some amazing contributers - I'm pretty awestruck. I haven't written anything beyond my initial introductory post, but I hope to do a piece in the next week or so. I have no excuse for being so slow with my internet participation lately; the warm weather just makes me not want to be sitting or writing.

I will try, though. :)

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