Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another New Friend

Hi friends, sorry I didn't blog last week. I was SO ANGRY, and I just had to take myself away from internet stuff related to the Tiller murder.

There is a new protester as of last week. She is a very chatty lady, and most of her words are directed at our escorts as opposed to the patients. When our clinic manager went outside to check out the scene, as she often does, the new protester chatted away to her, mostly about what a horrible way it is to make a living (running an abortion clinic, that is). Her intent seems to be to get under our skin...which is kind of a waste of time, but whatever, I guess it's better (maybe?) than going after the patients.

The point is, we need a nickname for her. Help me out, people.

This week, there was a bit of excitement outside. Pink Hat (or the Artist Formerly Known as Pink Hat) called the police on SL, the clinic manager, for walking too close to her or something. The police came but I think they determined that being in someone's personal space isn't really a crime (anyway, it's pretty much exactly the same thing that they do to patients). Pink Hat also said SL was verbally abusing her, which is funny, because SL didn't say anything at all. One of the other protesters took like eight hundred pictures with his cell phone of SL just standing there. The whole thing was kind of surreal.

Interesting times. We had a vigil for Dr. Tiller on Saturday night, and it went very well. We had a good turn out (around 40 people), and no antis. I didn't get the closure I was hoping for but it was wonderful to know that so many people care, and that the movement is still strong.

Weather is grey and miserable. Where is summer?


Katherine said...

Loose lips?
Chatter box?
The Mad Chatter?

What times are the shifts on Tuesdays? Depending on my schedule when I get back in town, I'd like to help out.

HB said...

Sorry about the caps, but that's an awesome nickname.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Hey Pedge,
How many babies do you guys kill in one week at your death mill?

Anonymous said...

"The Death Mill" sounds like an AWESOME bar name.

Unknown said...

I'm way into the name The Mad Chatter. It's brilliant!

Anonymous said...

It's a factory, not a mill.

Get it right, or don't bother trolling at all.

Nutkin said...

I support The Mad Chatter!

Andrea said...

Next thing you know, the troll will accuse everyone associated with the clinic of driving Hummers with Prius shells on top.