Friday, June 19, 2009

Fashion and Weather

Obviously, yes, the Mad Chatter is the best name for the chatty lady. Now we have a new challenge: there is a protester who has come, for several weeks now, dressed top to bottom in red. Lady in Red? Monochrome? Help me out here people.

Not too bad this week - had a definite shortage of volunteers on the early shift, but the lovely TB held her ground. And of course SL was out walking with the protesters, keeping them on their toes as always. Check out SL's excellent letter to the editor (it's the second one down).

I am personally loving the sudden influx of anonymous trolls around here - stuff like the Tiller murder really brings them out of the woodwork, am I right?

Oh, I can't remember if I've already linked to it or not, but you should all definitely check out I am Dr. Tiller. It's amazing. You can also follow them on Twitter (and, in case you didn't know, you can follow me too! But I am not that interesting, honestly). I think in the near future I will do some kind of round-up of websites and Twitters you should be checking out, but right now I am MUCH too lazy.

The weather has been lovely the past few days, but of course it has now reverted back to grey and potentially rainy. I have a very exciting summer holiday (well, if ten days can be called a holiday - first world problem!) planned that will take me to a much sunnier place, so I'm finding it hard to be too upset. Just saying, though, that perhaps this week escorts and protesters alike might want to bring an umbrella. Or if the protesters could bring back the matching yellow rainsuits, that would be worth the crappy weather.


Andrea said...

Monochrome sounds like a supervillain!

Anonymous said...

I love The Lady in Red. It sounds so sultry and exotic.


Unknown said...

I think Lady in Red is the intuitive choice - that's what I've been calling her (great minds...).


Andrea said...

Yeah, I agree with Greg and Andrew - Lady in Red is the sensible choice. It's just that Monochrome is so dastardly!

Katherine said...

I like Lady in Red too.

Although, if they are ever out in their matching yellow rain suits, they can be the Banana Brigade!

Sorry, I need help.

Anonymous said...

How about Cherry or Scarlett?