Friday, May 22, 2009

Spring Shenanigans

So, there was no clinic this week, which is kind of a good thing because I have lots of other stuff to talk about.

First of all, I went to check out the March for Life at the provincial legislature on Thursday. What a good time! It was smaller than last year, and as always I found it thoroughly amusing/terrifying that most of the attendees were either male, or below or above reproductive age. I really want these people deciding what goes on in my uterus.

I was joined by some pro-choice friends, and we skulked around in the background, listening to the speeches. There were some pro-choice people who looked to be high school age, who showed up with signs and engaged some of the lifers in debate. Of course the media was quick to come over to them, so I hope they were able to hold their own. I briefly considered giving a comment but as soon as I heard they were debating, I decided to stay out of it. I'm trying not to get drawn into pointless arguments any more, on the internet and certainly in real life (especially when representing the clinic or ARCC!).

We followed the march back to Brunswick Street, where they went behind their building to pray and carry on for a bit. They didn't stay too long, though, as their reception was being held this year in the brand new Knights of Columbus hall. I bet they had really delicious cookies.

One of the people who spoke at the March for Life was our horrible Minister of Health, Mike Murphy. Afterwards he (foolishly) commented to the media that he is "not entirely" comfortable enforcing laws and policies on abortion, because of his pro-life beliefs. Surprise! If you can't do your job without letting your personal beliefs interfere...RESIGN!

So ARCC and the NB Rebelles are calling for Mr. Murphy's resignation. You can read the ARCC press release, and then email Murphy at and ask him to step down. If you'd like a sample email to send, I have one all written, so just drop me a line at If you would rather call his office, the number is (506) 457-4800.

And finally, some good news! The NB Court of Appeal has FINALLY said no to the province, and Dr. Morgentaler has been granted standing to bring his suit. So....maybe a trial is in the future? This is really, really good news as it's been a long and difficult struggle to get this far. There are so many exciting possibilities from here.

That's all the news right now...

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Anonymous said...

FETUS SHAPED COOKIES OM NOM NOM.....hahaha was that comment about the delicios cookies at their thing relating to that fetus cookie cutter thing that circled the net a while back?