Thursday, January 3, 2008


Welcome back! Clinic was on Thursday this week, so as to avoid the inevitable chaos that would come with holding it on New Year's day. Thankfully this meant no protesters, which was awesome. For the obvious reason, and because it was FREEZING outside so it was good to be able to send my escorts home and not have them standing out in the cold for nothing.

Sorry there isn't much more to blog about - I was in on reception the whole morning and nothing of note happened; and since there were no protesters, there were no hilarious outdoor hijinks either.

I promise I will have more to blog about next week, as I'm sure our good friends the protesters will be out in full force, braving the winter cold to share with us their oh-so-valid opinions on women's reproductive freedoms. Excitement!

Until then.

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Anonymous said...

Peggy, it was just awesome having you here in Ottawa! Thanks again for coming... and keep blogging! :)