Saturday, August 2, 2014

Call Out to Public Abortion Storytellers

Signal boost for the Sea Change Program - if you are a public abortion storyteller (or know someone who is), read on:

Hi Friends, 
I'm writing you to announce an exciting new project that I am working on with The Sea Change Program! 
As you may know, I have been sharing my abortion story publicly for several years. This experience has brought great joy, a feeling of empowerment, and connection to other people who have had abortions across the country - especially other storytellers. While this has been wonderful, it also brings harassment, both online and off, threats of violence, and thus has highlighted the missing pieces of support for abortion storytellers in our movement. 
To ensure that storytellers are truly supported, I am conducting a survey and interviews with public abortion storytellers to look at what support systems have been working for them, and what we as a movement could do better to ensure their needs are met. 
To that end, I am asking you to complete this survey, if you're a public abortion storyteller, and forward it to any and all people who previously and currently share their abortion story in public forums including: journalism, media, video, workshops and panels, nonprofit advocacy campaigns, lobby visits, and interviews. I want to hear about all the best (and worst) practices so we can crowdsource a list of recommendations on how to best support our public abortion storytellers emotionally, mentally, and physically. 
The survey can be found on The Sea Change Program's website at: 
Please feel free to tweet and post the link to the survey on your Facebook pages and blogs. This is a public survey and I'm hoping to share reach as many public abortion storytellers as I can. 
The survey should take 20-30 minutes and we're taking responses through August 10th. 
Got questions? Email me at 
Let's make sure the people we're asking to share on the front lines, get the best support our movement can offer! And, thank you for your support!

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