Friday, April 12, 2013

"Gendercide" is not even a word

So, the episode of Context TV that I told you about is up online. I don't know what I can say about it, really, except that ARCC will probably ask me never to do TV again after this. There are some two shots of me and Barbara Kay that are truly epic; you can actually see me struggling to process the extremely offensive bullshit she is coming up with.

Anyway, check it out. My face is the star.

(There are three segments, posted in order here; I'm in the second one, and the charming and super prepared Dr. Jesse McLaren is in the first):


JeninCanada said...

You were really good (and omg your face! So expressive! :D ) but I wish they'd given you more time to rebut all the stupid coming out of Kay's mouth.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this was hard to watch. I thought they would be a little more subtle with their racism considering how much experience they have. I like how they throw "science" around, too. Clever :/

Great job, your face really is the star!

Anjali said...

I am SO glad they edited me out.....although I'm surprised they didn't air all the eyerolls from me (the audience camera was pointed at me for a while....)

Anonymous said...

That was appalling. Not *you* were appalling - you were remarkably cogent and restrained given the racist crap being spouted - but the "let's-pretend-women-are-equal-in-Canada" crap was soooo hard to take.

Thanks for taking that on. Yikes.

Lala Musings said...

Thank my holy sanity I found you. I have developed a renewed interest in this issue after years of basically ignoring it and have been surprised at how relatively hard it is to find quality commentary such as yours, at least on a preliminary search.

There is so much vitriol & anti-choice propaganda on the internet, and here all this time, while I was locked away in my comfy complacency and lazy indifference for the past 15 years or so, I thought the pro-choice side was not only winning but had won, especially in Canada.

Now I've come to see that the anti-choice movement with its gruesome, and I would argue unethical, use of fetal body parts as props has actually, particularly in the US, gained momentum, new recruits and even more fanaticism than I remember from the late 1980s/early 1990s.

In this clip I thought you did a wonderful job and demonstrated remarkable poise with those other two and their infuriating questions and even more infuriating answers.

The very first question you were asked was infuriating and it just continued on from there.

The interviewer makes the initial outrageous claim that science has brought us to a point where we can have "perfect babies, a boy or a girl - pick whatever you want" as if it was as easy as choosing a doll from a toy store shelf.

Forgive me, but somehow I don't think the vast majority of girls who seek a termination of pregnancy have access to the kind of cost-prohibitive procedures and technologies that would facilitate a "perfect", gender-specific baby. Utterly absurd.

Your answer, by the way, that it's not that we have a problem with abortion, it's that we have a problem with how we value girls, was right on mark. Bravo to you! :-)