Friday, April 20, 2012

Meet the Handmaids!

I wonder if Margaret Atwood ever gets tired of being right. No really you guys, do you remember the first time you read The Handmaid's Tale (I do, but it was recently)? Remember how it sent a chill down your spine? For me, Oryx and Crake was even worse for this, with the genetic engineering and the internet porn/death scenes. TOO REAL MARGARET.

Anyway, I just want to tell you about some really awesome folks who have started a group called the Radical Handmaids, after the handmaids in Atwood's most famous book. They even have fabulous costumes! They formed in preparation for the April 26 debate on women's rights fetal rights in Parliament, as part of Motion 312 put forth by Stephen Woodworth, MP and all-around douchecanoe.

Please check out the Handmaids on Facebook and Twitter, and also ARCC's action alert on Motion 312, which includes instructions on how to make your own handmaid outfit!

I love the fun and humour these folks have injected into the debate; I also think they strike exactly the right tone. If you think we're so far from living in Gilead, I feel like you need to re-read the book, and then maybe read the news - especially in the States. And then start sewing yourself a hat.

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