Friday, February 24, 2012

The Youth!!

Sorry I can't really post today; I got called somewhat last minute to volunteer at the Canadian Women's Foundation Teen Healthy Relationship Programming National Skills Institute (I know, my glamorous life!) and I don't have my normal Writing Day. But I encourage you to spend the time you would normally spend reading my blog, supporting pro-choice youth activism in the Maritimes! Here's how:

- Did you pledge for Kandace yet? It don't cost nothin', mister. Here's why you should!

- Do you love love? I do! Check out this sweet pro-choice love story that is not only TOTALLY TRUE AND ROMANTIC, it happened to my friends!! Also I was there! Yay love! (Don't you think "confusingly age-inappropriate" should be in my byline?).

Okay catch you on the flip side, cool cats.

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