Tuesday, June 28, 2011


So on my way home today, I was daydreaming on the streetcar as I often do, and I started to imagine...

What if protesters stood outside of every Catholic church, on a regular basis, holding signs and pictures of, oh I don't know, victims of the genocides perpetrated, condoned and/or not opposed by the church? Maybe children who had been raped and molested by priests, or maybe impoverished people suffering from AIDS? You know, that kind of thing. And whenever people tried to go into the church, the protesters would run up to them, get right in their faces and scream at them, calling them murderers and telling them they were going to hell. Or maybe the protesters would beg and cajole them not to go into the church, crying out "You have other options!". What if the protesters stood by the door of the church waiting for the priest to arrive, and when he did they threatened and harassed him, calling him a baby killer and saying they hoped he would choke on the communion wine?

I wonder what the law of the land would have to say about that.

It wouldn't make anything better, of course. Just a little dream I had...


JustUs said...

You are comparing abortion to other atrocities like child rape and murder. Exactly!

I have no problem with proaborts protesting those who are actually raping and murdering people. Not all pastors and churches are guilty of this though so make sure you know who is and who isn't before you protest. Actually, if you know of someone raping and killing others, you should feel obligated to call authorities.

All abortion mills kill humans. Hence the protests.

Keep daydreaming.

prochoice said...

Poor Pedgehog,
of course an abortionforbidder as first comment.
Hope you got thick skin.
I do not.
But I have a tendency to throw the facts - that I was born unwanted into an abuse family, and never wished to exist - into each face who seems to need a few facts.

The only problem with this is that I am old now and still have to fight the same fights.
To read that you have daydreams of necessary action is a bit of consolation for me.

Andrea Mrozek said...

@ JustUs:

I like to think the priest and the people going to church would... invite the protestors in.

The Pedgehog said...

Just as they are welcome at the clinic! :D