Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekly Reader

Here's what's been happing in Canada this week:

The news is mostly about the maternal health initiative. Harper screwed up a lot: his beliefs continue to jeopardize the lives of women internationally; he missed an important summit on women's health; he isn't super popular when he is there; and he went against the experts when forming the policy. And it's not just a danger to women's lives; it's also endangering Canada's international reputation.

So Bev Oda is pretty oblivious, and she thinks Canada is doing pretty well. But Keith Martin says people think we suck! Luckily, he has a few ideas for what the maternal health initiative should be. It's a good thing, because two more organizations have come out in support of a comprehensive plan.

In non-G8 news, I found this piece amusing as the author doesn't seem to know anything about charity or who funds abortions.

200 people attended a pro-choice rally in Montreal.

There's a new pro-choice blog in town: The Abortion Monologues! Check it out.

And, not explicitly related to abortion, but an excellent read on American exceptionalism that I enjoyed.

What have you all been reading this week?

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