Wednesday, February 3, 2010

No Excuses to Keep Me Warm

In case you're wondering whether I have an excuse for blowing off my resolution to update my blog regularly each week - I don't. In fact, if anything, I have negative excuses, as I was home sick all last week with bronchitis, and thus had all the time in the world to blog. See, this is the problem with New Year's resolutions: they only last a month, and then you just feel worse than before.

That said, last week's clinic was a bit dull. For whatever reason, the protesters didn't even come out until around nine o'clock (clinic starts at seven-thirty), and then they went in immediately after the escorts left. It was a lackluster effort at saving souls.

This week there was no such problem. The protesters were out bright and early, and as irritating as ever. Pink Hat, with her little cross held aloft, shoved her nose into the business of every woman coming in. There was even a little scuffle - she ran up against the back of one of the escorts, AT, and then told AT that had the situation been reversed, we would have called the police! It just makes me remember a story that the original volunteer co-ordinator told me: about how Crazy Legs fell in the snow, then picked herself up, stuffed snow in her pockets and told the police that LM had pushed her. Those darling protesters and their wild imaginations!

It was brutally cold outside yesterday. I insisted earlier in the week that no one was to stay for extra shifts, as some of the volunteers like to do. No one fought me on it; they were taking it in turns to come inside and warm up! It actually kind of reminded me of my first shift as a volunteer, which was in February three years ago (!). It was pretty much the coldest day of life. It's tough to be out there in weather like that, just standing still.

In other news, one of our fabulous volunteers had her letter to the editor published! Scroll down, it's the last one, entitled (bluntly) "Find something else to do besides intimidating vulnerable women". Awesome!!

Stay warm, friends.


Janus Bellator said...

AT wrote an awesome leter! Brava!

AT said...

Awww, thanks!

HB said...

Check out the fourth letter down! But maybe only read the others if this week's Sanity points haven't run out yet.

The Pedgehog said...

YEeeeeahhhh! Thanks for the link, HB!