Thursday, August 27, 2009

Engaging in Madness

Oh, where to start. I wish I had blogged right away, because the escorts were telling me all these different things, and I know I'm going to forget some of them.

The protesters didn't look any different than usual from inside (except an exceptionally bloody Jesus on the cross they were waving in our direction), but I guess the crazy was being poured on hot and thick out there. One of them was offering to adopt every patient's child. Tempting offer, right ladies? That's all you were waiting for - some over-zealous weirdo holding a sign to offer to take the kid off your hands, yes?

Another protester was telling the escorts that we force people into the clinic all the time. She vividly recalled seeing one woman, "obviously drugged", being dragged in here by two large men. Uh-huh. It's funny what you can talk yourself into believing, isn't it? I wonder, if we force people to come in all the time (clearly illegal!), why don't they call the police and let them know?

Sometimes it can be hard for the volunteers not to engage, especially when the protesters talk directly to them. AD, to her credit, when one of them (I think it was Lady in Red) approached to argue some ridiculous thing, told her that she wasn't going to listen to her illogical arguments and that she wasn't supposed to engage with her anyway. Later the protester may have been wiping away a tear...see AD, she just wanted to be your bud.

And of course the "arguments" they spew are always some crap about "what if your mom aborted you?", etc. Sometimes the ones who think they are on our side are even worse, though - there was a passerby who started yelling at the protesters, telling them to get jobs and so on, but then he said something along the lines of "do you really want there to be no abortions? Do you really want babies being born to these crackheads and losers?". SIGH.

See, I'm sure there's lots of things that I'm missing. Leave your stories in comments, escorts. Also, since it turns out Glare-y Mary and Lady in Red are the same person, make sure to let me know (in the poll) which nickname you prefer.


Anonymous said...

Ha, I understand how you feel with the whole "imaginary situations" thing. We had a protester who would tell patients and US (clinic staff!) that she swore she saw an ambulance leave with a patient that week!

She stopped talking about it though when we started chatting about the "magical ambulance pulled by unicorns and driven by fairies!"

You guys keep your head up and keep up the good work.

E said...

What! How can they be the can someone's fashion sense degrade THAT MUCH in THAT SHORT A TIME?

I liked her better when she was more ordinary-looking and never said anything.

Cold North Wind said...

Ohh- the young must have patience-
don't think I could- restrain myself-
you are truly admirable !

(thinking- maybe the moms of some of the - anti abortionists- wished at one time - -that - - -hmmmmmm)

accidental altruist said...

I'm not one of the escorts ... but I definitely prefer Glare-y Mary!