Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tweet Tweet!

Yeah, yeah, I'm blogging. We had another week off last Tuesday, so of course yesterday's clinic was ever so fun and exciting! All my volunteers who said they were going to be there, were there, which never happens. So I felt pretty good about that.

The protesters, though small in numbers, are big in nuttiness. WF and I have decided that they are unfulfilled actors. Poor guys and ladies, never got to live out their Broadway dreams. I'm thinking especially of Pink Beret, with her plastic rosary and crocodile tears. She spends her protest time wandering around sprinkling salt (or dirt or something) on the ground, praying, and weeping. Her performance is probably the one thing that could ever make me convert to Catholicism.

...Speaking of Catholicism, what is up with the Catholic Church these days? I mean, normally they are pretty far down on my list of awesome patriarchal institutions, but the last ocuple months have been astounding. First the whole IWD thing, then the little girl in Brazil, and then the Pope says condoms help the spread of AIDS. WTF?

Anyway, back to the clinic. The only other regulars lately have been Peter Ryan, looking fantastically smug in his blue knit hat, and the Holy Ghost. Only Peter Ryan carries a sign. The others need their hands free, apparently, for...praying? Or whatever.

I'm on Twitter now. I don't know anything about it, so I can't really link you to it, but if you're on Twitter and you want to follow me, I'm "pedgehog". I can't imagine my life is interesting enough to follow that closely, but I like to stay in the technology loop (at least a little bit). I like it because when I'm bored I can update it from my phone, and so then people think I'm texting someone, and thus that I have friends. ;)

Spring is almost here, friends! Right?


Meghan said...

If they're not holding signs, then they're not there offically--they're just kinda hanging out. That means that I, as currently not-a-volunteer, could technically just kinda hang out there too, right? And maybe, in a very casual sort of way, tell them to eff off. Maybe.

Tania D said...

at least pink hat has stopped dousing me with holy water.

wait, does holy water freeze?

Anonymous said...

Regarding abortion...while I'm 100% OK with the notion of killing babies it's the idea of giving a woman a choice that bothers me.