Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Election Hangover

Boo useless elections! That is all.

I was at the Toujours Rebelles conference in Montreal this weekend and arrived back home at 2am on Tuesday, just in time to get four hours of sleep, so I was not 100% at clinic yesterday morning. Regardless, everything was fine - we even got yet another new volunteer trained.

Peter Ryan was out with the protesters, even holding a sign of his own. I was told that he was in Quebec City over the weekend, protesting at Henry Morgentaler's induction (is that the right word?) into the Order of Canada. Lovely to know that even if I go to another province, Peter Ryan goes with me.

The conference was very interesting, by the way. It was pretty fantastic to see so many young feminists from across the country, and to catch up with old friends again. I had a couple issues with the actual content - I wanted it to be more radical and more challenging - but overall I think the organizers did a fantastic job. Outside of the conference I had some conversations that definitely challenged me.

Jessica Yee was there. I love her, she is my hero of life. If you've never read anything she has written, you are missing out, and I urge you to Google her immediately. If you are white, prepare to have your privilege examined. Motherfucka. (Sorry, that just seemed to fit).

I was in the abortion workshop at the conference, and the action we chose to do was to take all the stats about access in Canada and write them all over the place in chalk. So if you're walking around in Montreal this week (particularly by the Berri-UQAM metro station) and you find out that 15.9% of Canadian hospitals provide abortions, you have me to thank. Ha ha.

I am off somewhere else this weekend, so it's kind of stressful times, but those of you who read this blog often are probably sensing a pattern with that. It's good stress, though. Rock on.

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