Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Cast of Thousands

Gee, I don't put the blog up until Wednesday and I have people all over me! I had no idea I had such a dedicated readership. :) Thanks gang.

Yesterday's clinic was not too bad. The Anger Twins were back, so I guess they don't go to school (at least not on Tuesdays). By the second shift, there were tons of people - almost the whole cast of characters. The only people missing were God Boy and his mom, and the new priest (Socks and Sandals).

So I love Glare-y Mary. She is just so hilarious. I feel a bit bad for finding her so funny because I suspect she might be mentally unbalanced in some way, but I just can't help it. She glares and glares at everyone, and the only person she can't glare at is SL, our clinic manager. SL will look at Glare-y Mary through the window, and Glare-y Mary just can't meet her eyes. She keeps looking away, and eventually she leaves. It's so weird! Sometimes SL comes out to chat with the escorts, and it makes Glare-y Mary all nervous and squirelly. What is her deal?

Crazy Legs was wearing something wonderful yesterday. She wears these tailored suits that look like she is trying to appear professional but only shops at Value Village. All her suits are sort of 80s and scruffy. Yesterday, for example, she was wearing a fairly normal blouse, but then a black tailored jacket (not tailored to her, mind you) with shoulder pads and a mismatching grey pencil skirt. And heels. She always looks like a fashion challenged female lawyer from the 80s - her hair is even crimped. I love her so much. It's as if she puts all this effort into looking like a professional counsellor, but then she spoils it all by chasing women down in the street.

Father Grim mumbled at me a bit today when I was standing in front of him, but I don't know what he said. Father Grim, if you're reading this, speak up! I need to hear your pearls of wisdom.

Until next week then.


jedstah said...

god boy and his mom showed up by the end of the shift. I smiled at him when I left, he smiled back. I really wanted to invite him over to play some video games!!

Unknown said...

God boy loves video games.

Also, Father Grim always says "good morning" to me. I find it odd.

Amy O said...

I loved the bit about the fashioned challenged counsellor from the 80s. My mom dressed like that (and for real shopped at Salvation Army) when I was a kid. We used to be poor.