Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Signs and Saviors

Lots of excitement at the clinic this week. We had four new volunteers, thanks to my awesome recruiting skillz (actually I only recruited two of them). The protesters got a new sign. And, we all found out that our souls are being prayed for. I feel pretty good about that.

So the new sign is awesome. It is two-sided, with TWO different pictures of Jesus (one on the cross and one where he is kneeling in a white robe). It has some sort of rhyming advice about not killing your baby, so to get the whole message you have to read the front of the sign and then walk around to the back of it. Super awesome. Next week I will try to take some pictures.

Three of us were standing out front when someone noticed one of the protesters was obviously praying, and pointed it out. Sort of like, "look, he's praying". One of the young guys (I need nicknames for them!!) turned to us and directly addressed us (which, thankfully, rarely happens). He said that the guy was praying for our souls, and maybe we think that's funny, but one day it might be the only thing we have. I don't really think it's funny when someone prays for my soul. I'm a little sad about them wasting their energy, but I do think it's nice when someone puts in the extra effort. However, I don't like being patronized. There is a difference between someone praying for me because they truly want my soul to go to a good place, and praying for me for show because they want me to know I'm a sinner and I'm wrong. I know it's not charitable of me to assume I know the guy's motives, but considering that he spends his Tuesday mornings passing judgement, I think I'll give myself the benefit of the doubt.

Later I was out the back with a couple other escorts, including a new one, LR, who had never seen Fetus Lady's sign before. It was quite a shock to the eyes, I have to say. Anyway, LR was curious as to whether it was real. She was asking us, but of course Fetus Lady took the liberty of responding. According to her, it is real. Surprise. LR was with me when the young guy was talking about our souls, too - something about her must attract confrontation. Oh well, it keeps life interesting.

A reminder to all you pro-choicers in New Brunswick: write letters and send emails to T.J. Burke to show your support of the bubble law!


Centennial Building
P.O. Box 6000
Fredericton, NB
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Anonymous said...

Hey Peggy!

I'm looking forward to coming back next week. Maybe I'll get even more prayed for.


Anonymous said...

how do people volunteer at the clinic? just by sending in a resumer?

Anonymous said...

eer, "resumer" = "resume"

The Pedgehog said...

Nope, we don't get a lot of resumes, ha ha. People mostly find out through certain channels that we need people, and then they just contact me. We're not interested in being "infiltrated" by the anti-choicers so we try to keep it low key, and to make sure people are on the level before we get them started.