Sunday, May 30, 2010

Weekly Reader

This week, I have two different posts up about the first anniversary of Dr. Tiller's murder - one here and one at Abortion Gang. Check 'em out.

And in other news...

It turns out the Cons ignored their own advice on abortion.

Here's more news on how the abortion debate is "stalling" the maternal health initiative. Also, people are recommending more money in the initiative, and getting to it already.

But what's this? A bunch of academics say abortions must be included!

Back at home, a lot of people have opinions about Stephen Harper's relationship with the abortion issue.

Oh, and remember that douchebag Cardinal? He's still talking about reopening the abortion debate. So some Canadian bloggers told him to fuck right off.

Some good news: Canada's teen pregnancy rate fell!

ARCC asserts that there is no merit to the anti-choice lawsuit against UVic.

And in international news, the Premier of my old stomping ground, Western Australia, has rejected anti-abortion amendments (hooray!).

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