Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekly Reader

Hello friends! Sorry I'm a day late with the round-up; it is the long weekend and I was off galivanting with friends and (mercifully) away from the computer for a couple days. But now I'm back, so here's what's been happening in Canada this week, abortion-wise:

We really couldn't figure out what was up with Stephen Harper. Of course having no abortion law here at home, but not funding abortions as part of our maternal health initiative makes us look like hypocrites.

We need to put up the money for abortion internationally. But Harper still wants to focus on international aid that isn't "controversial".

A lot of people thought a vote on abortion was on the horizon; Margaret Wente assures us it isn't.

A Cardinal in Quebec said some really hateful shit about abortion and rape; Quebec reacted by challenging Harper to clear up the ambiguity around abortion.

So, Harper has reignited the abortion debate, and it seems very clear that his stance isn't resonating with the majority of Canadians.

So, even though it seems that Harper might reopen the debate, he has come out and said he will not be voting for the "coerced abortion" bill, and will likely reject attempts to come up with new abortion law.

Meanwhile, aid groups and Planned Parenthood continue to suffer, not to mention women globally.

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