Friday, May 14, 2010

Haters Gonna Hate

Did you think I was not going to blog this week? Haha, I tricked you! The March for Life was yesterday and I wanted to wait until it was over so I could report back. Especially since this week's clinic was surprisingly tame, protester-wise; just Pink Hat's usual nonsense, telling escorts they can't stand still on the sidewalk, and accusing them of harrassing/intimidating her.

I took a stroll down to the Legislature yesterday to take in the March for Life festivities with SL. We were careful to stand off to the side, but we got noticed, regardless. First the Mad Chatter came over to us to make sure we felt "welcome", and to tell SL that she had a Christmas gift for her that she hadn't had a chance to give her. It was a book, she said, and it would take SL "a lot of courage" to read it. I can't wait to see what it is. SL and I both hope it's The Shack.

We managed to take in the event in relative peace for a little while, but someone must have let the media know who we are, because all of sudden three of them swooped over to us with their cameras and notepads. I figured SL wouldn't want to call attention to us, but she happily gave them a quick interview pointing out that we totally support the antis having their rallies and protests at the Leg - we just don't like it when they harrass women in front of our clinic. I forgot to watch the news so I don't know if they used it (it was Rogers and CTV).

So we're standing there, taking in some super informative speeches by middle-aged men about what women should do, when this priest wanders over. He wanted to talk to us about our point of view because he likes to see the other side of issues. Which was fine. He was a very sweet fellow, actually, a priest of the "Father What-a-waste" variety, if you know what I mean. Unfortunately we were also joined by Mary Beth, a woman who has protested at the clinic in the past. She wanted to let us know that it is not the protesters' intent to intimidate or harrass anyone. I explained to her that it doesn't matter what her intent was, women feel intimidated and that was the point. She said "There are some things more important than feelings" and flounced out of the conversation. *sigh*

I was surprised that at the rally they didn't talk at all about the G8 maternal health stuff. They were mainly focused on the few abortions being performed in hospitals (and covered by Medicare) in New Brunswick. It was a smaller crowd than last year, and there was a noticeable age gap - I didn't see many people between the ages of 12 and 60.

Afterwards they marched to the parking lot of the Mother and Child Welcome Centre next door, and I watched from our parking lot as they offered up many prayers for me and the rest of the staff, so that we would turn from our wicked ways. One older fellow kept turning to pointedly take pictures of me, and also seemed fascinated that I was texting (although I wasn't, I was Tweeting). iPhone: tool of the devil?

So, a fairly lackluster March for Life this year, and barely any excitement leading up to it. I'm sure it was a different story in Ottawa and other places where they get bigger crowds.

We are drawing near the first anniversary of Dr. Tiller's murder. If the people next door dare to acknowledge it in any way I am going to be pretty fucking mad. Just sayin'.

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Anonymous said...

I saw the "March For Life" story on CTV and maybe I am just being overly sensitive, but I was kind of pissed. They showed a calm and rational Peter Ryan talking about his point of view, and then some pro choice person from halifax who felt that screaming into the camera was the best way to get her point across. I understand that it can be upsetting to see large groups of anti's, but I thought the news coverage made the pro choice side seem like crazy irrational people. They only chose to show SL for a few seconds. If they had showed more of her, and less of the screaming person, I would have been a lot happier.

Also, I can’t believe Mad Chatter bought SL a book. Was she able to keep a straight face while talking to her? Now that everyone is exchanging gifts, I think it’s time to pitch in and get Pink Hat a new Jesus.