Sunday, May 9, 2010

Weekly Reader

So...around Tuesday of this week, I already had about a gazillion links for the round-up. It's going to be a big one, my friends, and here's why: Senator Nancy Ruth warned/threatened aid groups and women's organizations to "shut the fuck up" about abortion being missing from Harper's maternal health initiative. Yikes.

Here is my take on the whole thing for Abortion Gang.

Of course everybody had to weigh in! Some thoughts from JJ (twice!), pale (twice!), Dave, CaitieCat, Judy Rebick, and many, many others. Seriously, a lot of people. A lot. There was even a website created.

And if you're curious as to what is still happening in terms of the maternal health initiative, there has been an awful lot of discussion around that as well! Some from the Globe and Mail, the CBC, a lot of other news outlets, JJ again, and even The Lancet weighs in. And of course the opposing parties have something to say, including these brave MPPs.

Also, rather suspiciously, a lot of women's groups in Canada seem to be losing their funding. March International is not going down without a fight.

And one more story: an anti-abortion group is suing UVic.

There's only two more weeks to donate to Trust Women!

Let me know what you've been reading in the comments.

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