Friday, May 21, 2010


I've been reluctant to blog this week because there wasn't a lot to say. Lady in Red was walking around with Pink Hat, which didn't clash too horribly as Pink Hat's had is really more red than pink.

I feel like my reports on the protesters are getting a bit monotonous - they really aren't mixing it up very much, and apart from Pink Hat's occasional rants, nothing notable happens from week to week. Not that this is a bad thing, of course! I just hope that y'all aren't bored of my terribly similar blog posts.

One cool thing is the nursing students we've had at the clinic lately. It's great to see people who are just getting into medicine showing some enthusiasm for reproductive health care. Along the same vein (ha), one of our escorts just got accepted into nursing! TO THE FUTURE!

Perhaps the protesters are getting a little stir crazy with this lovely spring weather - who wants to be harrassing women when there's picnics to be had and bike rides to be taken? I would venture to say the reason I'm doing such a horrific job of writing this week is that my heart really isn't in it...everything looks better OUTside my window...

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