Saturday, November 13, 2010

Twitter Battles

So, I wonder if any of you guys caught Antonia Zerbisias's piece the other day on the Twitter abortion wars? If not, it's just short, go check it out. It features Abortion Gang founder Steph Herold, who is a super awesome lady, and one of my Twitter/Facebook favourites, Angie Jackson.

The centre of the controversy is the #ihadanabortion hashtag, which has had a remarkable response. It is difficult to share stories of abortion even within our own small circles, let alone the big wide internet, so it certainly is heartening to see women taking that courageous leap.

If you are on Twitter, definitely check out the hashtag and, if you are comfortable doing so, add your own story. There is power in our voices, and our numbers. At the very least, if enough people step forward and say "I had an abortion", there will be too many people for the anti-choicers to threaten.

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