Saturday, November 6, 2010

Radical Mime. It's a Thing.

In Ottawa, the Morgentaler Clinic is still beset by protesters, just like the Fredericton one. The protesters have a permit and are legally allowed to be there. I must say, it is very frustrating to have to struggle for each and every injunction, to fight for each clinic's room to breathe. I wish we had something in Canada similar to the FACE Act in the States, something that would cover all the clinics. It is difficult when you live in a socially conservative province (like New Brunswick for example) to convince the government that anti-choice protesters are a public safety hazard. Even though they very clearly are.

Anyway, the Pro-Choice Coalition of Ottawa is pushing to have the protesters' permit revoked. This would make a huge difference for women going to the clinic, as well as for the staff. Imagine going to work every day through a throng of people who believe with all their hearts that you murder little children. How safe would you feel? That is the reality of working in abortion care in most clinics. I feel very lucky to work at the Morgentaler Clinic in Toronto, especially coming from Fredericton where I don't think our government can even spell "injunction".

The Coaltion in Ottawa is to be applauded - it is not always easy to take on a sometimes very unpopular position. You know what else isn't easy? Mime. That's why my friend, amazing repro rights activist Jenn Farr, is fucking awesome.

So that's what's up in Ottawa.

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