Wednesday, November 3, 2010

One Step at a Time, Sweet Jesus

So, the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission has decided to launch an investigation into NB's abortion policy - you know, the illegal policy that contravenes the Canada Health Act, forcing women to either pay out of pocket for an abortion or obtain a referral from to doctors and go to one of two hospitals in the province performing the procedure.

While it's great to focus attention on this policy, I'm not sure what the HRC can do when the actual lawsuit against the province on this matter seems hopelessly stalled. How much power does the HRC have in terms of legislation - any legal- or policy-minded readers feel like enlightening me?

Oh well, either way, props to whoever launched the complaint. It seems the best we can do right now is to keep the pressure on.

More on this at FMF.


Anonymous said...

They actually have a fair amount of power, but they can be overturned on appeal. your partner took human rights with me, he might remember more!

Lady Tragic said...

I've been trying to find as much as I can about this.. I'm a victim of the province's idiot policy and I feel that I need to do all that I can to end this archaic BS and give other women in this province the legal rights which they deserve.