Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Old Man Winter's Coalition Jive Time

December is here. It's not too winter-y at all, and none of the snow has stuck yet, so that's been lovely. Plus, there's a coalition in the air! Can you believe it? After a supremely unexciting and useless election, suddenly Canadian politics means something again. Oh frabjous day.

Yesterday's clinic was fine. Not too many protesters out - Peter Ryan made an appearance. They seem to be moving away from "old dudes with signs" and more towards "old women with rosaries". Never a dull moment with these next door neighbours, let me tell ya. Amazing.

I received holiday cards from two of my escorts yesterday, which was lovely and unexpected. I am just so pleased with what a great group of volunteers we have. Oh, and a random passerby asked how he could be a volunteer, so I passed on my contact info to him.

I'm part of the feminist collective (or whatever we're calling it) at CHSR, and we do a radio show called Ovary Acting. My turn to come up with a theme is long overdue, so I'm currently working on a show about (what else?) abortion. So if anyone knows of any awesome Youtube clips or songs or whatever, let me know. And yes, I've already seen the Ali G. one.

Just think...the next time I blog we might have a whole other government. SO EXCITED!

Also, round 2 of voting is now open in the Canadian Blog Awards. Go vote! (I am in the Best Feminist Blog category).

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