Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Baby It's Crap Outside

Yesterday was freezing. I did not envy my poor frozen escorts. I brought out the toe warmers for the first time this winter, and we have a lovely new "take off your shoes" sign for when people come in (gotta protect the carpets, you know).

There was some excitement outside this week. First I should explain how the area is set up - there's the clinic, and then a little lane right next to it. You can't park or stop out front of the clinic, because that's the street - you have to turn down the lane and come around the back. Across the lane from us are two businesses - a hearing aid store and a real estate office. They both have two or three parking spaces. They are both very protective of those spaces. We have a relatively good relationship with both businesses, in the sense that they would like being next to us a lot more if the protesters weren't there.

So Peter Ryan was doing some obnoxious walking slowly across the lane while people were trying to pull in. I'm not sure if he thinks he can stop people from having abortions by doing this, or if he's just that oblivious. Anyway, yesterday one of the people he temporarily blocked was the guy who runs the hearing aid place. Well I guess the guy got (justifiably) mad and started yelling and swearing at Peter Ryan. AMAZING! It's always great when someone not affiliated with the clinic lets these people know what assholes they're being.

The other thing that happened was that there was a guy at the bus station across the street taking pictures of the clinic. There wasn't much we could do about it, and luckily he wasn't taking any pictures of the women going in. But still, you have to wonder. I mean, if you're doing something legitimate like a news story, it's not that hard to come ask us if you can take pictures. Which makes me think that people who don't ask are doing something that ISN'T legitimate.

I feel like I had something else to write about but I can't remember. Oh well. I do want to thank everyone who voted for me in the Canadian Blog Awards. They will be announcing the winners this week so I will let you all know how it turns out.

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