Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cold and Carols

Happy holidays! I hope you've all enjoyed whatever time off you've managed to scrounge, and have spent it in the warm relaxing glow of your family/friends/partner/pets/spectacular self. Personally I am one of those nasty people who don't celebrate Christmas, who don't even celebrate Chanukah for heaven's sake, but I do love a little extra napping time, and the company and judgemental glares of my extended family. I also like to drink. It's win-win!

We did have a clinic last week, I just didn't blog about it because of my aforementioned schedule of napping and drinking. It was quite a horrible clinic day for my escorts, as it was terribly cold out. Even the protesters were going in shifts. Plus, half my volunteers emailed me in the days leading up to Tuesday to let me know that they couldn't make it, then another couple just didn't show up, so I was left with only two on the first shift and just one on the second. It blew. But you know, it's that time of year. It's cold and people have other obligations.

No clinic today, although I have to wonder if the protesters are out marching around anyway, the silly buggers. It used to be kind of funny to think of them out there when there was no clinic happening, but now it just makes me roll my eyes. They lose their amusement value after a while. Perhaps it will come back to me in the new year.

Oh I forgot to mention, the protesters were singing last week. A medley of Christmas carols. We couldn't hear them inside, but one of the escorts let me know. I suppose Christmas carols are infinitely better and more appropriate than "We Shall Overcome". Be thankful for small miracles.

I hope you all have a happy and relaxing end to 2008.


Anonymous said...

Why am I not supprised that you don't celebrate Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Because the concept that there are non-Christian people in the world today, that don't feel the need to celebrate the birth of a mythical being, scares you so much that you have to run back to Mommy?

What I'd really like to know is when the birthdays of the old Greek or Roman gods are. Whe could have the Feast of St. Loki (well, we already have that - Halloween). OK, Zeusmas.

Anonymous said...

lol my friends and i celebrate the winter solstice, becuase thats what xmas originally was a romnan pagan harvest celebration, it was merely renamed xmas to ease the conversion of the roman pagan masses to christianity after constantine converted, u know they believe jesus was actually born in april rite ***all response to 1st comment**