Wednesday, July 4, 2007

An Old Friend Returns

Father Grim is back! And he's multiplying...there was another priest out protesting this morning. Priests on the attack! Fun for everyone.

The Tenor was there this week as well, although he didn't sing for us. He has a cool t-shirt that he wears - it says "Endangered Species" and has all these pictures of endangered species, and then a picture of a baby. Riiiiiight. On the back is a bible quote, and it says GOD in big red letters underneath it, just so there's no mistaking who said it. So cool.

The women weren't out this week - only the Holy Ghost. Where are Crazy Legs and Sad Suzie (formerly known as Fetus Lady)?? I miss them so. Mad Thad called us Satan's servants, that was nice. Plenty of praying. JB made delicious muffins. All in all, a good time.

When there were still three patients left to come, all the protesters went inside. That was very unusual, as they generally stay until after we go in, presumably to accost women coming out. Anyway, we were sure they were plotting something, but no - they never came back out again. Very strange. Perhaps there was some sort of crisis in the Welcome House. I wish they would comment on my blog more often and let us know! :)

Things are a bit crazy for me at the moment, so do forgive my lateness in blogging. I should be all done the craziness by this weekend so expect to see the blogs up on Tuesdays from now on!

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