Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Short Shift

Sorry I'm a bit late this week - I know my rabid fans are going through withdrawl, ha ha. Anyway, yesterday was pretty good. I only stayed for the first shift because I had a workshop to go to for my other job (the most full-time of the three) so I had to leave early. Luckily for me, they brought out the big guns early. Fetus Lady in particular was in top form.

I was out front most of the time and things were a bit slow. I went around back to chat with some of the other escorts, just in time to see Fetus Lady get bitched out. A woman driving into the school parked her car, got out and walked back to Fetus Lady (who was standing in the back of the clinic right between our property line and the school). The woman asked her politely not to show her sign right there, as her child could see it (not to mention other junior high kids going to school). The sign in question was the exploded fetus. Fetus Lady, who always has a creepy, dead look in her eyes, spouted some bull back to her. The woman was really frustrated as she walked away, and we could see that her daughter was quite small - probably a younger sibling to the one in junior high.

That was the only mildly exciting thing that happened. Oh, and there were two June bugs on the ramp, which was causing quite a bit of squealing and hopping about.

I didn't see Father Grim this week - that's two weeks in a row he has been MIA. Considering he is usually the most dedicated of the protesters, the one who is always there at 7am, I am seriously wondering what has happened to him. Maybe it was all too much for him - he has freaked out before. Maybe he spends all his time working in the "Mother and Child Welcome House". Where are you, Father Grim??

For those of you who haven't already, I invite you to go on Facebook, join the Great Canadian Wish List group, and add your support to the second-place wish: "I wish Canada would remain Pro-choice".

Sorry it's not too entertaining this week. I promise that next week I'll be on top form, and many crazy and amusing things will happen. :)

Write to TJ Burke!!

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Anonymous said...

I don't like bugs ok, and I was scared they would fly up my skirt. Plus they are ugly and yucky. Wow I am such a girl I know.