Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Judgement for Breakfast

So much for blogging on Tuesdays, eh? Oh well. This week nothing much happened at the clinic. We ended a bit early so the late shift knocked off early. We must have confused the crap out of the protesters, because we all sat around on the steps without our pinneys for a while before taking off for breakfast. Poor Holy Ghost got out too late to creep out any patients. And Sad Suzie, Crazy Legs and Father Grim weren't there at all! Where are they??

So I noticed something today that I find a little ridiculous. I have often contended that the protesters' sole purpose in being out there is to judge and condemn women for their choice. I am certain that the protesters would argue that they are trying to show the women the truth, and to help them make informed choices by luring them into their Welcome House. However, I noticed today that the Welcome House didn't actually open until nine. And I find that the men (who are there early) tend to just wave their signs and sometimes say things like "this is what you're destroying", etc. But the women, who come later, often say "we can help you" and try to lure women into their house. So....could it be that the men are there to judge, and the women really do think they are helping? Or could it be that they're all there to judge, and once the Welcome House opens they can pretend they are helping, as well? It's just funny that before the Welcome House opens, there's only judging going on.

Shout out to everyone who walked by and smiled/said good morning, everyone who drives by in their car and gives us the thumbs up or the protesters the finger, and this week in particular, kudos to the guy on the bicycle who told the protesters to go home. It takes guts to tell someone off while you're on a bike.

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