Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cops and (no) Sobbers

Man, scheduling is hard. I had an absolute gaggle of escorts on today because I just scheduled everyone who was available. I have to avoid doing that in future. Otherwise I think it gets a bit intimidating for the women coming in, not to mention there's not much to do for most of the escorts.

Today was fun. The protesters have another new sign. This one says "In memory of all the babies aborted here" and has a cross made of flowers. Very pretty.

We had a few funny passersby too. A fellow on a bicycle (who shall remain nameless) yelled "choice rules!" at them on his way by. Very gutsy, heckling from a bike. There was a woman who drove by with one hand blaring the horn, and the other in a one finger salute to the protesters. But the most exciting was a guy that slowed down not once, but TWICE to argue with them. He stopped his car right in front of the driveway next to the clinic and started talking to the protesters. They clearly weren't interested in arguing (perhaps they are taking my suggestions about not being aggressive) and started walking away. The guy yelled "Don't walk away, my intelligent friends!" hahaha. Then he continued to drive, but couldn't help himself and stopped again, this time in front of the CPC (the house next door that they own) and talked to the other group of protesters. Sadly, they didn't want to argue either. Oh well. Props to you, drive-by angry guy. You are awesome.

I escorted one young woman up the ramp and she started talking about the protesters. At first I thought she was upset because they were staring at her, but then she said "they can watch my ass walk into the clinic", ha ha. And she had some choice words for them on the way out, too. Awesome. Mainly I was just happy that nobody cried today! Yay!

The morning passed without much more excitement until the very last minute. All the patients were inside and the other escorts and I were taking off our vests and getting ready to go, when the police showed up. I went to talk to the officer and it turned out that Science East had called them, because they were concerned about the kids walking by and seeing the graphic signs. Two minutes later, ANOTHER cop showed up. Turns out George Street school had called as well - I'm not sure if that was about the kids seeing the signs, or about the protesters crossing their property line. Anyway, it was good times, because the first cop said he was going to go reason with them, and went straight to Crazy Legs. Ha ha, good luck buddy. I'm not sure what the outcome was because I didn't feel like hanging around, but JB got some pictures. Hopefully I'll find out from SL when I go to work tomorrow, if it was anything exciting. I will let you all know.

P.S. Father Grim wasn't there today!! Where could he be...?

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Anonymous said...

i cant beleive you get protesters at work. thats is hilarious and tragic, all at once.